Classical Massage

Our classical massage is the most popular of our range of treatments. With
a classical massage you simply decide what area of your body you wish to be
treated (e.g. Upper Body, Full Body etc) and when you make your booking our
professional staff will advise you on the length of time the treatment should

Price List

Helsinki/Espoo     Other locations  
Duration Price   Duration Price
25 min 30,00 €   25 min 20,00 €
50 min 49,00 €   50 min 39,00 €
105 min 79,00 €   105 min 69,00 €
Why not pamper yourself to one of our relaxing wellness massages.
Our wellness massages come from a variety of traditional massage from 
around the world tailored in our unique Finnish style. Choose a wellness 
massage when you want to take a break from your busy daily life. 
A wellness massage also makes a perfect gift for that someone special.

Price List
Helsinki/Espoo     Other locations  
Duration Price   Duration Price
40 min 54,00 €   40 min 44,00 €
Hot Stone Massage
A traditional hot stone massage uses heated stones to massage the body. 
The basalt stones are heated in water and the warmth of the stones helps 
to improve circulation and relax the nervous system.

A hot stone massage is a pain free massage!
Indian Head Massage
Our Indian head massage is our own uniquely tailored massage based on 
the traditional Indian head massage. With an Indian Head massage you 
receive relaxing head, neck and facial treatments by means of calm and 
gentle movements from fully qualified masseurs. This treatment is ideal 
for relieving stress, headaches and insomnia.
Chinese Foot Massage
Our Chinese foot massage involves stimulating the feet’s pressure points
to improve circulation, reduce stress, anxiety and stiffness and also 
improve flexibility. This massage includes an invigorating warm foot bath 
and is ideal for people with tired and/or cold feet.

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